Projects bringing communities together

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Delivering Community Projects

The Art Box projects focus on raising awareness, protecting and enhancing our natural environment.  This includes engaging the younger generation, groups with additional needs, and the wider community in environmental expressive arts, informative sessions concerning conservation.  Local communities are actively involved and consulted with, and our projects support community engagement and involvement. Our projects are delivered in partnership, bringing in the best expertise from our partners who specialise in the themes of  the environment, ecology, nature and wildlife conservation.   We work with artists with and without disabilities, school children, voluntary groups and community members.

We aim to build social capital.  Our work is organic in nature, growing from an identified need within the local context. Finding out and creating together; developing new skills; working alongside specialist professionals; learning different ways of communicating; creatively expressing ideas/concerns; meeting and involving people through community events, training and making sessions; These are the tools we use to involve local people and build a stronger community.

Sharing results

Exhibition of art generated during the project to increase awareness & engagement with residents/ general public with projects

Community cohesion

Visual arts and community cohesion can be achieved through the arts programme that brings diverse communities and expressive arts together.