Who we are

The Art Box is a community organisation working in partnership with others to deliver community arts projects. We aim to give differently-able people & those who may have difficulty engaging with their community the opportunity to work alongside people as equals and develop new social skills and networks. Our desired outcomes are to:

  •      Improve social cohesion & build self-esteem;
  •      Raise awareness & develop new skills; and
  •      Celebrate the local community.

The Art Box is a creative space in a natural place, providing a service to anyone who is unable to access mainstream resources independently. Through our work we support learning, creativity & communities. We run sessions for people with & without disabilities, nurturing their creative potential & providing opportunities for them to express & share their work. We strive to increase understanding between our diverse communities.

At The Art Box, we build social capital. Our projects are organic in nature, growing from an identified need within the local context.  Rooted within the community, our projects bring diverse people together to celebrate our neighbourhoods diverse community, learn about their shared natural environment, and to create a legacy that provides a focus for future celebratory community activity.

Our objectives

1.The advancement of the arts and their public appreciation.
2. The advancement of education in the arts and different cultures and heritage for the public benefit.

Core Values


We believe that by drawing on and valuing diversity, the organisation will be enriched, and its ability to provide assistance to people in need will be strengthened.

The Art Box provides opportunities for people from different backgrounds, ages, ethnicities, faith, mental and physical health together to learn from one another.  We bring the community together, raising awareness of the interdependence of ecological & community diversity.


Our Approach

1. Working within the community context, our projects evolve from a recognised need or interest emerging from the people we work with.

2. Identifying a group/s to work with, we then explore ideas that they would like to express creatively.

3. We then find the suitable arts practitioner/s to develop these ideas with session participants over a series of workshops (e.g. taster workshop, one-week intensive, or weekly over a term), participants immerse themselves in the chosen art form.

4. Exhibit, share and celebrate the art created by the wider community. In this way, the experience and art generated has meaning and resonates with the people who have made it and with those who appreciate it.

Why we exist:

Three key reasons underpin our organisation and the way we work. Our 3 aims are:

1. Inclusion
The Art Box aims to give differently able artists & who may have difficulty engaging with their community the opportunity to work and exhibit alongside people who do not have disabilities as equals and develop new social networks. The desired outcome is to improve social cohesion and social skills and build self-esteem.

2.  Development of skills
The Art Box aims to run sessions led by professional artists to develop unique individual styles and introduce attendees to new techniques.

3. Experience and paid employment in arts-related fields
The Art Box places emphasis on sessions having a commercial purpose and not solely therapeutic benefit.
Sessions lead towards development of signage, merchandise and original work which has sale potential.
Opportunities for work experience and links with employers in arts related fields will be developed to improve employment chances.